DAD Manufacturing fabricates custom precision stainless steel components and metal weldments for various industries. Most products are fabricated according to customer provided SolidWorks or AutoCAD designs, but we also offer engineering services to help you design the perfect product for your specific need. We also offer assembly to create a high quality completed final product. 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment, Filter Chambers, Custom Metal Screens, Metal Mixing Blades, Custom Mixing Tanks, Nuclear Pressure Vessels, Sanitary Polishing

Railcar Components, Locomotive Steel Parts, Wireway Covers, Rail Car Fabricated Parts, Custom Riveted Components

Food Manufacturing Equipment, Metal Mixing Blades, Custom Filter Chambers, Metal Hoppers, Beer Fermentation Tanks, Custom Metal Screens, Distilling Equipment, Brewing Equipment, Sanitary Polishing

Furniture Framing, Washing Machine Parts, Custom Stair Railings, Custom Metal Table Frames, Custom Metal Cabinets, Custom Metal Doors, Custom Kitchen Countertops, Custom Metal Signs

Base Structural Framing, Wind Turbine Blades, Custom Metal Railing, Custom Metal Staircases, Custom Metal Brackets

Custom Metal Brackets, Custom Metal Cones, Conveyor Systems, Tubular Forms, Metal Housings, Custom Metal Enclosures, Prototype Fabrication, Steel Art Fabrication

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Food Manufacturing Industry

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

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Appliance & Furniture Industry


Wind Power Industry


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